Warwick Rhode Island Juvederm Injections

Warwick Juvederm Injections


For our Warwick clients with questions about Warwick Juvederm injections, we have detailed some of the more frequently asked questions about Warwick Juvederm injectable. Warwick Juvederm provides amazing volume to areas lost by age.



Warwick Juvederm is a high performing facial rejuvenation filler. It is made from simple sugars called hyaluronic acids that occur naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acids are found in almost every living thing and are essential for the body’s day-to-day functioning. When suspended in a gel-like material, such as Warwick Juvederm, these sugars act to support the structures of the face; almost like an inflated cushion under the skin. The results are instantaneous and can last up to one year.

Who makes Warwick Juvederm?

Allergan, Inc., the same company that makes Botox cosmetic.


Are Warwick Juvederm injections painful?

Juvederm is mixed with lidocaine to prevent discomfort. Most patients are very comfortable and receive injections without the use of ice or topical numbing. Patients who compare receiving injections of both Botox and Warwick Juvederm generally say that Warwick Juvederm is less painful.


What areas can Warwick Juvederm treat?

Warwick Juvederm can be used to treat a number of areas including smile lines, (creases from the bottom of the nose to the chin), eye hollows (darken areas underneath the eyes) and for the jaw, chin and lip augmentation and volume loss in the hands.

When should I see the results of Warwick Juvederm?

While a noticeable result is instantaneous, patients will generally see complete results after ~2 weeks.


What are the side effects of Warwick Juvederm?

Warwick Juvederm (hyaluronic acid) is a naturally-occurring substance found in the body. Side effects are mostly due to the procedure and not the filler itself. These usually minor and self-limiting side effects range from redness, pain or tenderness, swelling, bruising, discoloration, lumps/bumps or itching at the injection site.


What if I receive injections and do not like the results of my Warwick Juvederm?

While most patients love the results, those that do not most likely have not used enough product. If for some reason the results are not what you desire, Warwick Juvederm can be removed by injecting an enzyme to break it down.


Do I need downtime for Warwick Juvederm injections?

While no downtime is required, patients should allow for the possibility of mild bruising and swelling following their injections.


Is there anything I can do to reduce bruising from Warwick Juvederm injections?

Our Warwick Juvederm Patients should try to avoid fish oil, flax seed oil, multivitamins, NSAID’s such as Ibuprofen and alcohol (including beer wine and liquor) at least 3 days before injections. You should consult with your physician about stopping aspirin, coumadin or other blood-thinning medications. These medications increase the risks of bruising and should be stopped about 7 days before your injections if possible.


Certain over the counter remedies that have helped reduce bruising in my patients are Arnica Montana and Bromelain. Arnica Montana should be taken at least 2 days before receiving injections. Three tablets are usually placed under the tongue. Bromelain is a substance found in pineapples and helps prevent bruising. Some of my patients will eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice 2 days before receiving injections.


How much will Warwick Juvederm cost?

Our Fall River Medical spa will be able to give you the correct and updated pricing over the phone. Please call (508) 674-4000 for pricing.


How many syringes of Warwick Juvederm will I need?

This will depend on the area that you would like treated. A little amount and a conservative approach to fillers can give a great result, but best results are always seen with the appropriate amount of a given area in order to create the fuller, smoother look desired.

Juvederm RI Fuller Lips

The average number of syringes needed per area:

Tear troughs, 1-2 Syringes

Cheeks, 2-3 Syringes

Nasolabial folds, 1-2 Syringes

Marionette lines, 1-2 Syringes

Lips, 1.5 Syringes


What are my post care instructions after receiving treatment with Warwick Juvederm?


Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours, direct sunlight, excessive heat, and strenuous exercise. All of these things have the ability to cause additional bruising.

If you develop a bruise it will resolve like any other bruise. It is ok to use cold compresses but direct skin contact with ice should be avoided.

Any lumps, bumps or small needle sticks should subside within a few hours. It is ok to cover the areas with makeup if needed.

When should I follow up after my injections?

I am always available for questions and follow-up after your injections, however waiting for two weeks to see the end result is preferred before deciding if you need more treatment.

Although extremely rare, follow up immediately if you develop intense pain, draining, or extreme heat at an injection site. This could be an infection or reaction to the filler itself.


How long will my injections last?

Warwick Juvederm lasts up to one year.



You have an active skin infection, including cold sores.

Are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Have had reactions to Warwick Juvederm in the past.

Have an allergy to lidocaine.

Have a history of keloid scarring.

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